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What truly has me worried about this teaser (Archived)Kefkas_Revenge96/11/2014
I hope this game's world is at least a fourth or a third as big as Skyrim was... (Archived)DekuFireMage16/11/2014
I wonder what Japanese fans are thinking (Archived)Shayla50076/11/2014
Who do you think that Horse was (Poll)epona_the_horse46/11/2014
If they ever do get full voice acting.... (Archived)WiiareVenom56/11/2014
Do you THINK Nintendo is giving us the first female link? Would you LIKE that? (Poll)
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Warning! Stupid wild speculation incoming! "Link" is from the future (Archived)
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Should I play hero mode? (Archived)machine97746/11/2014
Maybe next time Link can be black. (Archived)Spiderman23JII16/11/2014
To all those who want realistic Zelda graphics (Archived)Mr_Big_Boss46/11/2014
How big do you think the world will be? (Archived)Kefkas_Revenge76/11/2014
Footage was actual GAMEPLAY (Archived)
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OPEN WORLD ZELDAa (Archived)the_jedi_Valo36/11/2014
Compare the Zelda reveals (Archived)
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Dat Bow & Arrow (Archived)
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Y/R: That is Zelda (Archived)Shayla50036/11/2014
Would anyone else like the graphics to be a little less...green? (Archived)thedeerzord96/11/2014
So much effort was put into the page on the E3 site. (Archived)pokemega3276/11/2014
You know how we got basically no info about this game? (Archived)SirPikachu46/11/2014
People aren't allowed to dislike the new artstyle? (Archived)
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