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Anyone else not stoked about "Zelda Re-invented" (Archived)
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What part of the world shown do you intend to explore first? (Poll)
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Could this game be moved back to 2016 for the series 30th anniversary? (Archived)
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What is with this Gamespot article? (Archived)
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Aonuma confirms that you can do any dunegon in order (Archived)
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Where does this game fit in the official Timeline? (Archived)
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Titles less likely than "Shard of Nightmare" (Archived)
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Is link really a blank slate/player avatar? (Archived)infintebajan96/17/2014
Aonuma talks Zelda U: Presence of technology, new items, and non-future setting. (Archived)biohazard15126/17/2014
Why is there no in-depth discussion about the meaning of Aonuma's cucco strut? (Archived)pokemega3236/17/2014
Zelda U will be less handholdy than SS (Archived)
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an idea for what this game could be about (Spoilers for all zelda) (Archived)AceMos96/17/2014
can you really cut all that grass??! (Archived)
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There is not only one way to do a realistic artstyle. (Archived)LordAlistair66/17/2014
Where do you get all these historical Zelda facts from? (Archived)Vannisje36/17/2014
How much game do you expect until the world opens up? (Poll)emilieautumn0846/17/2014
On the technical side of things... (techies are welcome to explain) (Archived)nonexistinghero66/17/2014
Do you think Zelda should stay on the ground? (Archived)
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Can someone help me find a song? (Minish Cap spoilers) (Archived)AdamOusley36/17/2014
one clear giveaway that Link is not a girl that your all forgeting (Archived)
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