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So which instrument does seem to suit this game? (Archived)DeodorantSpray96/10/2014
Ideas for cool environments and dungeons. (Archived)chazmataz12386/10/2014
Much preferred the 'Skyward Sword' Link style (Archived)gillri66/10/2014
Zelda should just shamelessly steal DQX's brother/sister idea. (Archived)Soul_Alchemist16/10/2014
how many times have you guys watched the trailer already? (Archived)moogle6936/10/2014
Link looks like a chick. (Archived)Blue_Inigo86/10/2014
Link's latest look (Archived)C81036/10/2014
At last, a new Zelda frontier! (Archived)
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Art style reminds me of ICO (Archived)SiggitiSeedz106/10/2014
Hopefully Zelda Wii U's Link isn't as perverted as this one. (Archived)
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So...did anyone else notice this detail about (Link?)'s clothing?.... (Archived)HeyItsZant86/10/2014
Think this character could have anything to do with multiplayer? (Archived)biohazard15116/10/2014
Not gonna lie, Link's pretty sexy in this one. (Archived)Arcvalons106/10/2014
When to expect more info.. (Archived)Shayla50066/10/2014
How great would be if this is a Sequel to WindWaker! (Archived)Cpt_Ridley76/10/2014
So it may not be Link, that means we need to name our hero. Vote. (Poll)biohazard15176/10/2014
What is the best handheld Zelda game? (Poll)
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I have a possible theory for the hero we saw in the trailer. (Archived)
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Does Link look like a girl? (Poll)
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Link is a girl. (Archived)
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