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Do you consider these four games canon? (Archived)
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Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword (Poll)Nintendoboy77101/15/2013
Which Zelda Game should I play first? (Poll)Jakerific4491/15/2013
if majora's mask or link to the past get a 3ds remake,do you think we'll get a.. (Archived)guedesbrawl31/15/2013
What is it about Zelda games that draws you in again and again (Archived)
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Favorite 2D Zelda barring A Link To The Past (Poll)
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How would you rate each Zelda? (Archived)
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Best version of Ganon(dorf) ver.1.1 (Poll)
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How about another 2D sidescroller like the Adventure of Link? (Poll)
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Best Zelda Item Tournament! Round 3, Day 8! (Poll)Big_Isaac21/14/2013
I loved Zelda Quest VII: Gannon's Journey to Guatemala (Archived)Coleby31/14/2013
Poll: Which 3D Zelda has the least amount of content? (Poll)
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Hooray! TP's up for game of the generation! (Archived)
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There should be a Zelda game set in an enlightment setting. (Archived)Arcvalons71/13/2013
I want an older Link with a beard. (Archived)Marcster199491/13/2013
The one thing I didn't like about the Wind Waker (Archived)
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ITT : We live in a world where SS came first and Ocarina is the newest Zelda. (Archived)
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Best Zelda Item Tournament! Round 3, Day 6! (Poll)Big_Isaac41/12/2013
Does anybody actually hate Wind Waker? (Archived)
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