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Sequel to Windwaker (Archived)
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is this what people mean when they want a realistic LoZ? (Archived)
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I know how the story of the game will be! (Archived)
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Zelda 2, The RPG, $99 at Walmart (Archived)homers59/25/2013
Aonuma on Majora's Mask remake: "Please write that I laughed." (Archived)
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Will Wind Waker finally vindicate the zelda cycle and save this zelda? (Archived)
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was the triforce collecting really such a huge deal?!?! (Archived)
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There should be a zelda game where you can play as ganon (Archived)GanonslayerN6439/24/2013
I think that the legend of zelda needs to go back to be thrilling and mysterious (Archived)fissionprimer39/24/2013
Do you think Nintendo should... (Archived)Aether_Light69/24/2013
I think Lakebed Temple's music is similar to "Welcome to Silent Hill" (Archived)Paper_Mario_429/24/2013
The Minish Cap had 111 different NPCs that you can fuse Kinstones with. (Archived)
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No Happy Mask Saleman = No Buy (Archived)
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What do you want in the next Zelda? Day 6: Zelda's Role (Poll)clawshot5269/23/2013
Does the Wii U have Majora's Mask on the Virtual Console? (Archived)
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Would you prefer ultra realism, or a different artstyle? (Poll)
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you know what my favorite thing is in wind waker (Archived)
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The next Zelda game should have natural disasters. (Archived)Goombacrusher69/22/2013
What do you want in the next Zelda? Day 5: Sidequests (Poll)clawshot5259/22/2013
How would you react when... (Archived)
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