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Zelda Wii U is delayed until 2017, also for the NX
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Atris32304/27 4:45PM
Jim Sterling blasts Nintendo and innovation for the sake of innovationArcvalons14/27 4:45PM
I scoff at those of you who said it wouldn't release on NX.Lord_Carlisle104/27 3:42PM
Hehe, I told you guys before that this wasn't coming out this year.Devil87554/27 3:41PM
F***ing seriously?IngSlayer84/27 2:46PM
YR They announce a New N3DS port of this gameFreeFalco14/27 2:07PM
So wait the Wii U will not have any big holiday blockbuster titles for 2015 andChenmaster224/27 1:50PM
Well I half way predicted the delay a month ago.... Also can't wait for SS HD!?Cheko201584/27 1:29PM
Most distasteful moment in the series is _____________
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Paper_Mario_4164/27 1:12PM
Has there been any trailers aside for that initial one?CarefreeDude34/27 1:04PM
This game will be Nintendo's only playable game at E3 this yearUberPyro6454/27 12:42PM
So what do you think we'll get at E3?InfinityLoop834/27 12:38PM
There is now a board for the NX port of this game.PiOverlord94/27 11:48AM
March 2017 release officially confirmed for Zeldakinglink1354/27 11:27AM
Remember when Twilight Princess got pushed back?XxGhaleonxX64/27 10:58AM
Guys, I 100% figured out why they delayed it.pianomankey24/27 9:28AM
This game finally is coming to us!!!Spiega24/27 9:19AM
what were you expecting?true_horror64/27 8:43AM
So March 2017 release for Zeldakinglink1364/27 8:37AM
Do you think the delay was just to port it to the NX?Zero2334/27 8:33AM
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