Best Villains Tournament: Ganon(dorf) vs. Nightmare

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Which villain do you prefer? - Results (27 votes)
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14.81% (4 votes)
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I tried this earlier, but I didn't have the ability to create polls, so I didn't get the amount of response I needed. Now I can, and i'm doing a tournament to determine the best Zelda villains. This time i'm skipping all the seeding bullcrap (just wont work on forums) and using a randomized bracket.

I'll allow voting for each matchup to continue for 3-days, then I will put the next set up. The bracket is here

Todays matchup is between Ganon(dorf), the recurring villain and possessor of the Triforce of Power, and Nightmare, the nightmare in the Wind Fish's dreams. This poll considers both Ganon (pig incarnation) and Ganondorf (human incarnation) from all games..

NOTE: Just to clarify, I am NOT voting on any of these. In the case there is a tie, I will break it with my vote unless I haven't played one of the games. In that case, I will leave the vote open and give it to whoever gets the next vote.

I'm obviously predicting Ganondorf, unless people assume Ganondorf is so definitely going to win that they don't vote, and Nightmare somehow gets some votes.

Bellum 6 Onox 11-winner
Majora 28-winner Demise 15
Ghirahim 26-winner Twinrova 9
Vaati 17 Zant 19- winner
Veran 12- winner Chancellor Cole 7
Dark Link 14-winner Agahnim 10
I want Miis in SSB4. Deal with it
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I want Miis in SSB4. Deal with it
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Who the heck is nightmare xD
What is above this line is probably made of win.
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pafbonk posted...
Who the heck is nightmare xD

Final boss from Link's Awakening.
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