Ultimate Zelda Riddles Returns Episode 17: Argorok

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Nothing yet.
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Is it that STARS minigame?
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Nothing so far. I will wait a few more guess then I will give a hint
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For some reason I want to say the Tree at the top of Snowpeak, or the leaves on it..

now for an explination...

Destined Hero,come find me
Come to the forbidden place - I am not sure... but was the mountain a forbidden place?
You may not think twice about me, - s.e.
But if you would just have a piece - The leaf is a piece of the tree

It won't be easy - the race isn't easy for some
There are those who don't want you here - keese enemies and hazards
When you have finished, and the music stopped -the music is different for the race, and stops when you finish.
I will have helped you - the leaf helps you to the bottom (and if it is the tree, is given by the tree)
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Nope but a good guess!
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The howling stone on Death Mountain?
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Ok, I guess you guys need a hint: It was alive at one point