Happy Mask Salesman

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2 years ago#11
I hadn't even noticed it was in top ten >_>
well more power to you.
Official Zaccoum of the Shin Megami Tensei IV Board
"Your Medabot was cool Ikki, not you"
2 years ago#12
TheSlinja posted...
I hadn't even noticed it was in top ten >_>
well more power to you.

Yesss Power
2 years ago#13
zalak321 posted...
I read a theory, that HMS is crazy and wants all the masks in termina. The people on the moon are really working for him, and they ask Link for masks so that they can give em to HMS, and that he gets masks by killing people mostly, cauz yknow Link gets masks by seeing people die and using the song of "healing" on em.

Anywho. HMS has a Mario mask.

Does this mean HMS killed mario?

(There is more detail, but I gotta go soonish.)

Tell me if you have questions. This was written in an intense hurry.

I think he's one of Demise's minions.I'm sure he was there on that mural next to the demon king.....
2 years ago#14

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