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How would you feel if Captain Falcon was the villain of this game?
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When it comes to item switching in Zelda... (Poll)BluesMX9087/29 4:51PM
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Next Game should be Legend of Link.WoIfOfLight87/29 3:07PM
Best of the Bosses, Round #20 -- Link's Shadow (TAoL) vs. Majora (MM) (Poll)Coleby77/29 2:50PM
Link should be able to use his shield to bombjump in this game.Rad_Dudesman47/29 2:28PM
It's funny how the Handheld Zeldas pave way for the main Zelda games.asbsand57/29 1:28PM
How do you rank the Zelda games?
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Which game had best dungeons? (Poll)
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I hope Zelda dies a gruesome death in this game.
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What do you hope the icons are for making Epona go faster?
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An interesting implication if this game is inspired by Princess MononokeiKhanic97/29 10:56AM
What if this were the story of this game?
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This game won't break one million sales
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What was the last good Zelda game in your opinion?
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"Core Zeld fans" are selfish morons.
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