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Voice Acting in this game is needed.... (Archived)
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Best of the Bosses, FINAL ROUND -- Majora (MM) vs. Ganondorf (TWW) (Poll)
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What the heck was Nintendo thinking when they made TP so brown?! (Archived)
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Could We All Do This? (Archived)
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Definitive Zelda Experience (Archived)
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Really hope Minecraft comes to the Wii U especially for a Zelda mash up pack... (Archived)
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should Nintendo rather do a spiritual successor to Zelda instead of sequels? (Archived)Orange0098/8 7:47AM
What would you think if Nintendo worked with Ghibli on the next Zelda (Archived)
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Cheapest way to get DLC Costumes? (Archived)LoZguy70928/8 12:58AM
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What do you want the development team to focus on improving the most? (Poll)
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