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Who would you say is the worst Zelda villain. (Archived)
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Do you prefer Ganon as a dorf or Ganon as a pork? (Poll)McmadnessV378/14 5:36AM
What if this game parodied the Zelda fanbase? (Archived)wiiking96108/14 2:05AM
Female Link (Archived)
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Co Op would enhance this open world significantly. (Archived)
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Demise = abysmal design. (Archived)Paper_Mario_4108/13 11:22AM
How's this for an idea on the musical instrument? (Archived)
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Will NoA provide a reference to the man that died today (Archived)
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what if link is a nomad in this game? (Archived)wingblade9858/12 2:59PM
Would you rather this game release 2015 and be great? Or in 2017 and be perfect? (Poll)
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YR: All the bosses in this game use motion control QTEs (Archived)iKhanic78/11 8:38PM
Puppet Ganon Battle. (Archived)oomomow98/11 8:31PM
I want to be able to Clawshot on anything. (Archived)xXDa-KidXx108/11 4:07PM
Why did 3D Zelda become so easy? (Archived)
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"Voice acting costs too much and wouldn't add to the game" (Archived)
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What do you want to be added to the second quest? (Archived)
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Should Zelda U have a Loot and Gear System? (Archived)Polo5lash1878/11 10:55AM
I hope this new villain is a less like Ganondorf and more like Ghirahim. (Archived)
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When the game comes out, lets not worry about when it takes place in the timline (Archived)Storrac78/11 4:48AM
I have a gameplay idea. (Archived)
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