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They should kill off a character in this game (Archived)epona_the_horse87/27/2014
Link's home "town" being a traveling caravan could work quite well. (Archived)
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Zelda Wii U to have a new villain, according to Nintendo's Website (Archived)
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Your annual reminder that Sheik has potential, so she should totally appear here (Archived)Faliz1867/26/2014
Would you like to see Link pay the hero's price in Zelda Wii U? (Archived)rajin_donuts67/26/2014
Why was Ganon even in ALBW? (Archived)
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Stupid Pirate Guy257/26/2014
Usurper King Zant (fandub) (Archived)Upendi100027/26/2014
My theory on the Robot we seen. (Archived)xXDa-KidXx57/26/2014
Uneducated Guess: Cia and Lana will be central characters in Zelda Wii U (Archived)Illuminanc357/26/2014
Anyone else hope for the Stamina meter in future console Zelda games? (Archived)
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Best of the Bosses, Round #22 -- Shadow Nightmares (LA) vs. Trinexx (ALttP) (Poll)Coleby47/26/2014
YR.,l (Archived)oomomow87/26/2014
Zelda Pickup lines (besides Master Sword in Scared Grove) (Archived)
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Skyward Sword is that damn bad. (Archived)
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What would you think if Link had multiple main weapons to choose from? (Archived)
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If link's main weapon wasn't a sword, what would you like it to be? (Archived)
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Best of the Bosses, Round #21 -- Byrne (ST) vs. Ganon (FSA) (Poll)Coleby47/25/2014
The next trailer needs an awesome alt rock song to go along with it (Archived)iKhanic97/25/2014
Your reaction: We get a Zelda MMO (Archived)
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Cel-shading is all that matters. Realism has no place in Zelda. (Archived)
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