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The character in the trailer is Aryll, Links sister from Wind Waker. (Archived)
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If it's not Link it seems very disingenuous to give him blue eyes, blonde hair (Archived)
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YR: This game rips off Fire Emblem Awakening. (Archived)Blind_The_Thief26/11 1:34AM
Does it really matter who the trailer guy/girl was (Archived)ecylis36/11 1:32AM
Main character looks male on this angle. Jawbone is not shadowed on this angle (Archived)vazurahan76/11 1:23AM
I Think It's Pretty Obvious "Link" is Really Zelda (Archived)ak14ak14106/11 1:20AM
I think you can create a character (Archived)zak23416/11 1:09AM
Looks like Link but isn't Link... (Archived)Limen12316/11 1:03AM
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Speculate Zelda's design (Archived)
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LoZ: Wii u the game that makes us question genders (Archived)
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