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This game looks next-gen.
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I realise this must have been asked before, but, PLEASE guys._.._.songwriter1577/22 7:10PM
Best of the Bosses, Round #19 -- Vaati (TMC) vs. Vaati (FS) (Poll)Coleby57/22 5:39PM
So how would anyone feel about a remake of...
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Fun fact: A Link to the Past is a solid 6.5/10. Not more, not less.
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Why do you like Majora's Mask the best?
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Music QuestionGroosetastic27/22 8:50AM
Quick question about this game.OMGKenny27/22 6:43AM
Best Zelda for someone who hasn't played one
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Where I think Zelda U fits in the timeline (with no evidence to support my idea)SuperNeonManGuy37/22 1:41AM
Being open worldmesshia_dark37/22 12:09AM
Favorite Zelda instrument? (Poll)
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MercuryEnigma267/21 10:43PM
Best of the Bosses, Round #18 -- Onox (OoS) vs. Vaati (TMC) (Poll)Coleby77/21 9:04PM
Let's face it, The Wind Waker > Twilight Princess
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Favorite and least favorite races in Zelda (Hylians excluded)
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multiple playable charactersmajorasmaskfan107/21 8:19PM
Hope the Mogmas return!xXDa-KidXx97/21 7:41PM
Even with their flaws, almost every Zelda has some masterful moments.Mudkip_in_Space87/21 4:43PM
Fun Fact: Majora's Mask has the best title screen ever
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Best of the Bosses, Round #17 -- A Link Between Worlds (3DS) (Poll)Coleby27/21 10:32AM