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DAMMlT IT GOT DELAYEDTheOPMagikarp43/27 5:55PM
Enjoying the OOT soundtrack. Scroll down to the comments and...FabulousLamb33/27 5:35PM
Anyone else think that we're overreacting a bit?
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FabulousLamb203/27 5:31PM
Please understand.DeodorantSpray53/27 5:23PM
When do you think the game will be released? (Poll)
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I don't mind the game being delayed, but
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Gand0lf7ehman133/27 5:04PM
What if the reason they delayed Zelda Wii U (Poll)MagnaHawk889393/27 5:02PM
Any chance the delay is just a setup for an April Fools joke?
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Why does Link have to be green?
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How Skyward Sword Saved my Life
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Faliz18233/27 3:17PM
Best LoZ Characters- Dawn of the Third Day-Ruto VS Darunia (Poll)BonQuiQuiLutowy83/27 2:19PM
I just hope the new races are humanoid and not talking animals
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Corps88313/27 12:56PM
I bet the game's subtitle will be linked to that bow.
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Accrovideogames133/27 12:53PM
I hope Sumo wrestling comes back.McmadnessV3103/27 10:27AM
Hated the art style at first, now I love it.CutthemacX73/27 9:54AM
What's the most depressing area in the series in your opinion?
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Hyrule must be the slowest-developing nation ever
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Best LoZ Characters- Dawn of the Second Day-Ganondorf VS Midna (Poll)BonQuiQuiLutowy103/27 8:04AM
sign if you promise to never look at a guide during the 1st play-through
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druskie263/27 4:09AM
This theme NEEDS to comebackOnionberry93/27 4:02AM