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Love Link's new design. (Archived)
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I think i'm just gonna pretend Link is a girl and then have a crush on "her". (Archived)
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I'm sick and tired of all the arguing about the artstyle. (Poll)
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Making this game insanely hard is a mistake (Archived)
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This game needs auto-regenerating health. (Archived)
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The person shown in the trailer... (Archived)Alan_00X26/24/2014
Okay, so let's say this took place in the Downfall timeline.. (Archived)Shayla50036/23/2014
Is anybody else hyped for this game? (Archived)
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Zelda needs to go through hell and report back if this game is to succeed. (Archived)Paper_Mario_466/23/2014
After having played OoT since its release, I JUST realize... (Archived)pro_gamer1986/23/2014
The Legend of Zelda Getting Multiplayer - The Know (Archived)Lord_Vergil_36036/23/2014
Game Mechanics: Part 1 (Archived)Groosetastic106/23/2014
I don't care to read any topics on this board so this is a NEW TOPIC (Archived)Alan_00X106/23/2014
The music inside the Deku Tree is underappreciated (Archived)ImGanondorfLol96/23/2014
I'm on a never-ending quest to save my girlfriend! (Poll)JonicArc96/23/2014
this will be better than when zelda copied avatar and twilight (Archived)
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ITT: Predict the next Zelda announcement and release. (Archived)Storrac56/23/2014
This game should have a 2 item limit (Archived)
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When was the last time a machine troubled the land of Hyrule? (Archived)
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Attention people with no basic reasoning skills. It's androgyny. (Archived)
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