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Shigeru Miyamoto "I have never said that video games are an art" (Archived)
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What's the last thing you'd ever expect Nintendo to put in the Zelda series? (Archived)
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I think the Bosses in this latest LOZ game should be grotesque and HUGE (Archived)Paper_Mario_492/28/2013
Nintendo is only doing a justice to their fans if they leave the game as it is. (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz12/28/2013
Difficulty in Zelda games. (Archived)
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Link's hat should be gold (Archived)LLL_Deadly72/28/2013
Items from past Zelda games should replace the standard items. (Archived)
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Link should have chainsaw hands (Archived)
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Idea: Duel-wielding the Clawshot with other items (Archived)Goombacrusher42/28/2013
How about some mention of Midna in this game (Archived)
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What they should do with the guide character. (Archived)SolidKnight62/28/2013
Anyone else really want a futuristic Zelda? (Archived)iKhanic62/28/2013
Link should be gay in this game (Archived)
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Why so much love for Majora's Mask? (Archived)
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How often do you play through a Zelda game? (Archived)
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