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If you think what you've heard of this game is too good to be true, don't (Archived)ImGanondorfLol56/16/2014
Does Zelda really need to rethink puzzle solving? (Archived)
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C/D It will take Aonuma at least..... (Archived)
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Your daily reminder that TP was not realistic (Archived)
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Zelda Wii U - Trailer Analysis (Secrets & Hidden Details) [GameXplain] (Archived)
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So what will be the big complaint for this game? (Archived)Yoshinator66/16/2014
I wish we could have gotten at least a title to speculate on... (Archived)Soccer_is_Best26/16/2014
Anyone else hope they'll add collectibles like the figurines in WW? (Archived)Eidolith36/16/2014
Face it guys, we got Wind Wakered. (Archived)
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THIS SUCKS! Cel-shaded Zelda is too cartoony! I wanted brutal and realistic! (Archived)
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Why do people say the open world requires the bad graphics? (Archived)
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Other than the pic of the vista on the presskit, every other pic is 720p right? (Archived)vazurahan26/16/2014
This game reminds me of Twilight Princess the most. (Archived)ImGanondorfLol76/16/2014
Can't sleep Zelda Wii U board, I'm afraid I won't wake up. (Archived)
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Discuss this potential format for the dungeons to follow (Archived)
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this game will come out fall 2016 (Archived)gamefax_Suk_it106/15/2014
That monster's one leg is sliced off... (Archived)Mushoom36/15/2014
I just want to remind everyone: This game isn't coming out in 2015. (Archived)
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Would You Want To Play As Zelda (Poll)
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Who Do We See In The Trailer (Poll)
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