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I hope the world feels populated and not empty like outer entries (Archived)
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Poll (and Discussion): Should dungeons be instanced or connected to the world? (Poll)luigi33912/10 6:47AM
MEGAPOST: Everything we think we know about Zelda 2015 (Archived)
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Here's an idea! Legend of Zelda should have online AND local multiplayer! (Archived)Benify312/10 6:30AM
Grass looks great, horses/Epona looks great, animations look great. (Archived)NeoBowser712/10 5:57AM
Where is Hyrule circuit in the Zelda Timeline? (Archived)
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OK, speculation time: where do you put this game? (Archived)DarkLordYianni712/10 3:24AM
This board is next to dead compared to Smash bros. What gives? (Archived)
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I think I've narrowed down why the trees look funny... (Archived)Christopher Belmont1012/10 1:42AM
I hope the slow motion arrow attack is optional... (Archived)
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What if they Merged the Timelines back together? (Archived)
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What if the tutorial was a surreal dream sequence? (Archived)
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Zelda Wii U Analysis - Game Awards Gameplay (Secrets & Hidden Details) (Archived)
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This is a very serious topic and i will not allow it to be derailed by anyone,.. (Archived)
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TP vs SS: Which one is the better game? (Poll)
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ZELDA AND GANONDORF DESIGNS REVEALED! (by me, via assumption obviously) (Archived)
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Why are so many people buying the idea that this Hyrule is civilization-less? (Archived)luigi33612/9 8:24PM
Suck it Faliz! (Archived)Decapre512/9 7:54PM
Something else to speculate about: (Archived)
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Gameplay Demo close up with Japanese audio (Archived)kinglink13212/9 5:48PM