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Did Ilia ever get that arrow wound treated? (Archived)
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The goat running animation in Zelda U is a literal copypasta of the goats in TP. (Archived)
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Should they actually try to hide areas and items? (Archived)SolidKnight511/12 8:37PM
I still can't believe they brought back islands in SS. (Archived)
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Multiple playable characters possible?? (Archived)TheLazyClown411/12 7:24PM
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Reggie will answer questions about upcoming WiiU/3DS games on twitter (Nov 12) (Archived)kinglink13611/12 5:07PM
I wish smash bros Link was the character model in this game (Archived)
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Anyone else think Link looks terrible? (Archived)
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Link has rarely - if ever - been defined by masculinity. (Archived)
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How important is the continuous story of the Zelda universe? (Archived)henriue611/11 6:38PM
Calling it now, this game will be release on November 20th next year. (Archived)stardustehero411/11 5:09PM
Hey Y'all: Do Y'all like the whole "Destiny/Curse" that SS established (Archived)BonQuiQuiLutowy911/11 3:11PM
Think there will be any Zelda U trophies in Smash? (Archived)Groosetastic411/11 1:54PM
What Pokemon would make the best Zelda enemy? Zelda boss? (Archived)
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in all honesty, does hyrule castle have to be a castle? (Archived)fgsrbdjsaje1011/10 10:11PM
What if instead of spawning LoZ style at the start in middle of nowhere... (Archived)Paper_Mario_4411/10 2:53PM
MAJORAS MASK 3D CONFERMED! (wish it was HD) (Archived)mariopokefan17711/10 11:13AM
Musically inclined Zelda fans, I need your help. (Archived)Sonic23004311/10 9:54AM
What flaws do you think Zelda Wii U will have? (Archived)
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