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When this game is released, what will you be complaining about? (Poll)
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Just got my Zelda monopoly gamestop exclusive edition! (Archived)
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What If Ganon was an Ally? (Archived)
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What accents do you want in a voiced game? (Archived)
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Do you think targeting made the Zelda series get too easy? (Archived)
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A different way they could do the duel world concept. (Archived)DarkChozoGhost69/25 8:14AM
It would be a shame if this game doesn't take ques from Link Between Worlds. (Archived)
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Am I the only one Growing Tired of the Generic "Field" setting (Archived)KillerKremling109/24 11:32PM
Faron Woods has the best music in a Zelda game I think. (Archived)Dark__Throne99/24 9:19AM
For those of you who are upset that this game won't use realistic art style... (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz59/24 7:38AM
C/D HW's oc are represented in this game (Archived)Bobolobo39/24 3:35AM
Do you think Link's Awakening is underrated? *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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What do you think redeads will look like this time around? (Archived)
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