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I hope the combat is more flashy like Hyrule Warriors (Archived)
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ITT: We Name things that each Zelda game has done better than the Rest (Archived)
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*uses Epona's Song from all the way across the map in the mountains* (Archived)
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Skyrim? More like Shadow of the Colossus. (Archived)DarkChozoGhost1012/8 12:25AM
An alternative transportation system? (Archived)xXKeatonXx912/7 9:31PM
Oh wow, the arrow time is so original (Archived)
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Everyone get in here, this is important. (Archived)
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The most unique thread this board will ever have! (Archived)j_ugnick512/7 8:53PM
Stuff that would be fun using the Wii-U Game Pad (Archived)StefanBilly512/7 8:32PM
The new Bokoblins look weird (Archived)ThatKipp412/7 8:11PM
there is no way this game will be better than ... (Archived)
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Lon Lon Milk for thought: What if Epona is this games companion... (Archived)
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Just sayin, the soundtrack for this game better be AMAZING (Archived)luckyrusty0071012/7 6:39PM
Difficulty. (Archived)
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I hope there is a Kaepora Gaebora minigame (Archived)j_ugnick512/7 5:20PM
Am I the only pissed off when folks compared this Elder Scrolls? (Archived)
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I hope Vaati is in this game! (Archived)
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I bet that the dungeons will take up specific amounts of space on the overworld (Archived)wiiking961012/7 4:31PM
Wild horses (Archived)
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Despite EMPTY WORLD, I really hope this game has personality akin to Wind Waker (Archived)TheIciestWater112/7 4:13PM