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What are some games that you DON'T want Zelda U to anything from?
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Upto151712/14 9:44AM
Do you think Error will make an appearance? (nt)CaioNV412/14 9:24AM
What about gay link ?
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WellComeOn3212/14 7:52AM
Your Attraction: Pantless Link is an available DLC costume.
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SolidKnight1312/14 7:01AM
One Thing I miss from Wind WakerKillerKremling512/14 4:18AM
IMO, OoT/MM Art style is the most fitting for any Zelda game.
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Dark_Zoroark1512/14 2:15AM
i sincerely hope there is no bug-catching in this gameFireAsset912/13 10:30PM
so Epona's basically just the boat / train?LuigisBro912/13 10:09PM
Who am I? (game)
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What is something that you'd like to see referenced in this game?
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wiiking961712/13 8:46PM
Consensus on Button Controls and Motion Controls (Poll)wiiking96912/13 8:27PM
Hear ye! Hear ye! This art style is superior and should be in more games.FrigidRigid812/13 6:55PM
Anyone else want a new Four Swords game?CutthemacX212/13 6:54PM
So we've been told that the dungeons are fairly massive, correct?Lord_Carlisle912/13 2:47PM
what is the play limit for the demo?toasty_toaster812/13 2:10PM
Have you played Hyrule Warriors? (Poll)
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BeanBeanKingdom2312/13 12:14PM
Do you think the overworld will have multiple music tracks?
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ImGanondorfLol1112/13 11:22AM
How long do you think you will play this game until you feel done with it?iKampfer312/13 9:53AM
What races do you expect? And do you expect new ones?
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xXDa-KidXx2312/13 9:35AM
Prediction: this game will incorporate the origin of Light Arrowskamikazetomato212/13 9:12AM