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What's the best piece from every Zelda game you've played? (Archived)
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Why do you all shun fan fiction (Archived)
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How would you feel about a story involving time travel? (Archived)
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Why do people always want to get rid of majoras masks time limit? (Archived)
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The beginning in Ocarina of Time was done perfectly! (Archived)
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Who is hoping for the return of Gorons and Zoras? (Poll)Hylian-Hero48/15 5:58PM
This "updated" picture of Zelda Wii U is making the rounds on the internet (Archived)
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Second play through of LoZ. This time blind. (Archived)
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I have an idea for an original villain, please post your thoughts on it. (Archived)
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Lol, this preorder item for this Zelda should have been called... (Archived)TaticalWarrior28/15 10:24AM
This just in, guess who's a girl! Guess who might be a girl! (Archived)FalxXD88/15 8:02AM
Will this be the first game to allow you to traverse a world full circle? (Archived)kaliskonig98/15 7:07AM
Has anyone actually enjoyed every Zelda game? (Archived)
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What's your favorite ending in the Zelda series? *SPOILERS* (Archived)
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Rank and Date the 3D Zeldas! (Archived)
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The best and worst Links Zeldas and Ganons (Archived)
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If Zelda had to have ONE character be fully voiced who would it be? (Poll)
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Should Zelda be a blonde or not? (Archived)Lemon_Master48/14 9:11PM