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Someone said another board that... (Archived)knightmere12222/20 7:55AM
i love how everytime i win or winning with wii fit or megaman online (Archived)TheSaintG32/20 6:19AM
its a shame the 3ds doesn't have the best online for this game. (Archived)MilkShulk22/20 5:59AM
random disconnects killing me online (Archived)psnDemon_SouL32/20 3:32AM
Why don't DKs use Giant Punch? (Archived)
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Net56282/19 10:45PM
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Zelda has a risky, but sometimes effective, counterattack (Archived)raazychx52/19 2:28PM
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Question about MewTwo (Archived)drake_purdum22/19 11:20AM
tips for playing (normal) link? (Archived)
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gavynray123162/19 8:01AM
Wait, they've limited taunts online in FG? What about FF? (Archived)
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FalxXD112/19 6:12AM
luigi is ridiculously overpowered (Archived)
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Retroxgamer0232/18 10:15PM
Can the challenges hammer unlock characters? (Archived)Solid_snake13732/18 9:07PM
do u care about your stats....and even rank stats? (Archived)psnDemon_SouL12/18 8:37PM
Kicked out and banned for 10 minutes for irregular save data. (Archived)_KGC_72/18 8:20PM
Blue SpotPass (Archived)newPS3owner22/18 7:50PM
can you customize the c-stick? (Archived)Mushdog52/18 7:16PM
When is the Amiibo Adapter coming? (Archived)Charocks32/18 6:28PM
Someone fight me! (Archived)typhlozard12/18 6:17PM