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This game is going to destroy people's 3DS
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spincyclematt389/16 3:45PM
FinallyLeo-Marluxia59/16 3:44PM
Play with 3D on or off?Cremacious29/16 3:43PM
Anyone agree 3DS has the worst version of final destination? (Closed)xKitsunex69/16 3:42PM
Guys. The demo comes out in like 3 days.SilverCrono59/16 3:40PM
Get them Now!!jakeh977769/16 3:39PM
Feels weird without the rumble.tropireno79/16 3:24PM
Where are the Ice Climbers!?
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ZebuFrenzy119/16 3:21PM
In case you missed itDrizzy_Drizake29/16 3:18PM
Clash tournaments High level play (DUCK HUT DOG SO GOOD!)The_DARK_FoX69/16 3:10PM
Ice Climbers has there been an official reason for not being in 3DS version?CyberWhiteTiger89/16 3:10PM
YR: Ice Climbers back inAura_Sphere69/16 3:09PM
I have one demo code left, but I'm not sure what I should do with it (Closed)
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xPhoenixWrightx829/16 3:06PM
So how is the gameplay and overall impression of this game so far?youngmidnight79/16 3:05PM
YAY! Finally got my codes in! *Giveaway* (Closed)
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jumper12341369/16 3:05PM
Giving away demo code
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Webskull9229/16 2:44PM
Has it been confirmed that only 500 coins will be transferable to the full game?King_of_Flan49/16 2:43PM
A bit disappointed in how easy the characters are to unlock.
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JacobARF169/16 2:38PM
Really wish you could play online with the demomexicannon29/16 2:33PM
Poll: Favorite things that Villager can pocket (Poll)
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DigiWillpower119/16 2:31PM