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This or Zelda: a link between worlds?
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GoRiLLaZ1720001212/24 3:09PM
PSA: the lagswitchers are out in force tonight.
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WhiskeyDisk1612/24 3:02PM
Whats with the players todayInuKiroya412/24 1:54PM
Is there a character that is usually considered bad but you can use quite well?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Bearacudda981612/24 12:59PM
The AI in this game isn't designed for customs.Garioshi512/24 12:28PM
ssb4 custom item in a stageskylejamessimon112/24 12:01PM
Help me decide Fore Emblem Awakening or THIS!?!zerooo01012/24 11:06AM
Why doesn't this game let you rage quit?Poll5253312/24 7:50AM
Seeing as how Mewtwo is in the game (Poll)Blezcuea212/24 3:33AM
Ugh... care to explain why...?RollerBob412/24 2:56AM
Several questions. . .Unboll212/24 1:04AM
I'm a little late on the Smash 4 Wii U glitchReggie_Evans612/24 12:02AM
Do you switch who you're playing every two matches?Poll5253512/23 11:05PM
Man I wish Wii Fit had a bit more range/wider hitbox on some of her attacks.pikachupwnage312/23 10:20PM
How you can immediately tell your opponent is bad:
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Scintillant3712/23 9:58PM
Which of these kills is most satisfying to you? (Poll)
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TrueBlue913412/23 9:48PM
Post Your Best Replay
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MouthyMercenary3312/23 9:17PM
Is there a character that is generally considered good but you can do quite well (Closed)Bearacudda98212/23 9:17PM
Put up my Wii U Mega Man guide in the FAQ section.Theguysayhi512/23 8:24PM
Shulk is kinda upseting me at this point.
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Garioshi2212/23 8:22PM