How can I find Blackwell Mansion in Fresco?

#1MysticGamer23Posted 3/26/2014 10:42:30 AM
Hi guys! I´ve completed the Special Assignment where you get the Jetpack and made it to Blackwell´s Mansion in Fresco using the UFO. I´ve Went into the mission there, but turned off my console and I can´t get to it again. I´m trying to get there using a helicopter, but I´ve got no clue where to land in order to get back in. Can someone help me with this? Please give a detailed answer. Thanks in advance!
#2zenwaznezPosted 3/26/2014 11:37:40 AM
i'm assuming you mean the mission up on top of a cliff in fresco.

once you park your plane/helicopter there.
move off the platform to the south. there should be a pathway that will lead up to the main gate. there will also be a jetpack spot that will give you a shortcut around the side of the cliff. continue on and you should come across a place where you can hop over the fence and play the chapter.
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#3MysticGamer23(Topic Creator)Posted 3/26/2014 1:49:21 PM
Is there a Helipad up there? I´ve only found one in Fresco. Is it in the same area? Just to clarify, I´m talking about the mission which involves the outside and inside areas of Blackwell´s Mansion in Fresco. Thanks again!
#4zenwaznezPosted 3/27/2014 3:46:33 PM
there is no Helipad in Fresco (on a building anyways)
are you sure you are in Fresco?
what's the mission you are talking about? like what assignment? if you haven't completed the main story Ellie will constantly call you and tell you to go to the next objective.
you can always replay the mission, just scroll on your map until you find a replay spot (red diamond with a door in the middle)

the mission i am describing has Natalia's father accompanying you into a large gated walkway leading into a cave with steel.

there is also a mission in fresco where you take a boat into Blackwell mansion, but that doesn't require/use the UFO
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Hi again! Sorry if I confuse you. The mission I´m trying to get to is Special Assignment 14 called Breaking and Reentering if I recall correctly. After the completion of the previous mission, which is Special Assignment 13, you ride a UFO to a Place high above a Cliff in Fresco I Think. Is it really in this area? I´ve entered the mission once and turned off the console and when I turn the cansole on again and continue playing the game, it tells me to take a helicopter and fly to Blackwell´s Mansion. Do you now know what I mean? Thanks again!
#6zenwaznezPosted 3/28/2014 12:01:28 PM
yes this is your mission I believe, you enter Blackwell's mansion to find what he is up to. then after you will need to fly the ufo and get a van in Auburn and bring it to kings court

this is the level you are on (just see if it is then click the next link)

this is what you are supposed to do after that mission
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How can I get there with a Helicopter? I´ve watched the video, but it uses the UFO and I don´t have access. Therefore, I need to fly with a helicopter to reach the mansion. I know it cannot be reached by foot because of the gated walkway. So where do I have to land with the helicopter? Is it possible to use the UFO again? Please help me. I´m really confused about this. Thanks!
#8zenwaznezPosted 4/3/2014 1:42:53 PM
what do you mean? this is where you are.

you go to Fresco with a helicopter or any aircraft. on the northern part of Fresco there is a cliff. there is a pad up there. there should be an indicator on your map with an "H" showing you where the pad is.
also the pad would have a ring of light around it showing you that you can park there or at least bail out. you just need to get close enough by hovering over the pad and it will display a "Y" icon and you can exit the aircraft.
there are several places that have an aircraft call point, the easiest is at the police station. climb to the roof.

after you park on the cliff follow the studs across and resume the story
like making maps here. Looking for a game to master and make a map for