Help -not sure what to do next

#1dthmtlgodPosted 4/28/2013 7:19:06 AM
I think I am stuck. I captured the criminal at the end (I think) - i am only at 24% complete, with three of the areas that are showing as being locked as options in the heliport. Only see cherry hills, fort meadows and apollo island.

Don't see what i am having to do next.
#2ArseenPosted 4/28/2013 12:45:03 PM
Spolier allert:

Rex Fury was the final enemy.

After that all you can do is to find the extra stuff of every character.

Heli pads only open if you find their spots and built them.
#3I_ghostyPosted 4/28/2013 3:42:30 PM
Those places show up as locked cos you haven't built the helipads in those areas.