Is this game actually fun?

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3 years ago#1
So I've read a few reviews, and the game mainly gets slated for its graphics (walls of fog last seen on the N64) and few other issues, such as lack of character (limited dialogue) and loading times.

I can overlook the graphics... not so sure on the others... what the reviews didn't tell me was if the game is actually good fun to play? Is the driving mechanic decent? Are the missions fun? Is the city fun to explore? Is there lots of cool lego stuff?
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3 years ago#2
The game is a lot of fun.
The driving is great, easy to control and a lot of vehicles to unlock.
Missions are simple and short but there are plenty, they are fun although sometimes, the fighting can get repetitive.
The city IS fun to explore, many secrets to look for, and I trying to find how to get to a building can be challenging.
There is a ton of items to find, lego pieces to collect and buy, I am 15hours in with 60% complete.
3 years ago#3
Its a great game I have played it for 12 hours so far with 15 procent completion, only doing story and no side stuff so far because with experience from earlier lego games its best to beat the game first to unlock all powers to be able to colect everyhing
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