What if Project Tekken created a teaser trailer with NetherRealm Studios?

#1lightgunfreakPosted 7/10/2012 1:20:07 PM
What if Project Tekken created a teaser trailer with NetherRealm Studios? Who owns Project Tekken and NetherRealm Studios?
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I do.
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Outside of the Mishimas, Jack, Ogre and the ninjas, no one would really fit in a Mortal Kombat crossover.
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#4mrpariszPosted 7/16/2012 8:22:05 AM(edited)
Kunimitsu gets her own game, with fatalities..

It'll be called something like...
Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Kunimitsu
Yoshimitsu the antagonist

some of her multiple endings would go something like this..
- she recreates or rejoins the manji clan & fools yoshimitsu into believing she's good, you can choose to backstab him to become the leader. outcome a) she fails & dies by the sword, b) she kills yoshi, takes his soul sword & becomes possessed by his dead spirit. c) she controls the spirit of yoshi in the sword & becomes unstoppable/unpredictable...

EDIT- Just an idea.. if you become leader of the manji clan she should be able to side with either Outworld or Earthrealm... the manji clan then adopts the style of those warriors from which realm Kuni joins. or better yet has an own clan of her own to rival Yoshimitsus...that would be great.

- She leaves the Tekken universe for completely abandoning her & becomes a lead role & absolute badass in the Mortal Kombat universe showing up anything Tekken can do relating to violence.