I'm actually glad that this game has been pushed to 2013

#1kreegan64Posted 5/26/2012 2:13:45 PM
This means I won't have to have another game to want to buy when some others are coming, I have a pretty tight budget. Also this means the game's getting polished.
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#2cvmckenziePosted 6/16/2012 7:23:49 PM
Me, too. Sort of.

Im glad that third parties are at least LOOKING like theyre taking this launch more seriously, i just hope it ends up being worth the wait. Sometimes things are delayed because pubs know their mediocre game wont compete against worthwhile titles.

Im looking forward to mario, lego city, zombiu and this. Thats not bad in the first couple months of a new console release. Thats qctually pretty sweet, corewise.
#3DocHuckPosted 6/21/2012 3:25:11 AM
Yes I'm glad I'm not the only one feelin the relief. This game looks awesome I'd hate to lose it in the flood of other enticing launch titles comin out... Good business Gearbox, let this one slide right when competition is slow and weak!