I guess its that time to make an opinion about the game, the good and bads IMO.

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youngbro posted...
To me it looked like he still had to OT things alot, Also you still can continous SOB the enemies

You should know by now that trailers/gameplay vids usually have noobs playing it = OT/UT spam xd
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^lol true
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Razor's Edge seems to be a polished turd. It takes the elements from 3's slightly better predecessor that were removed originally, and puts them back in. Ninja Gaiden 2 was far from perfect. Ninja Gaiden 3 tried to go in a new direction and potentially be better than 2, but failed miserably. Now, this new iteration is essentially a 2-3 hybrid.

The new Ninja Gaiden series is essentially a type of game that actually has less to it than meets the eye. When one first plays the game, it seems a whole lot more deep and complex than it actually is. Even Black is fairly simple with moderate experience.

I'm really hoping for the best with Razor's Edge, but my expectations aren't particularly high. As you said though, it is nigh impossible that it will turn out worse than 3.
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Just looks like some people with some sour grapes in here. Just wait for the game to.....I mean the polished up version of the game to be released and reserve your judgement for then.

I doubt I will pick this game up when it is released, but if they have improved what they say they have, it is going to be vastly different than the pile they released on the PS360.