Crystal Skull challenge questions

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2 years ago#1
Once I complete the game will I be able to replay any of the crystal skull challenges from the main menu? or do you have to obtain them in that chapter again in order to replay them?
2 years ago#2
You have to replay the mission and find the skull again.
2 years ago#3
I'm probably gonna skip the skull challenges my first time through. I hear this game actually has a new game+ type mode and having all upgrades right off the bat will make it easier.
So what do the scarabs do since were on the topic of extras?
2 years ago#4
Collecting scarabs unlocks extra skills in this game, so make sure collecting them is a priority.

For every 5 scarabs you collect, you get a health increase skill or weapons. By collecting the all, you get a new costume for Ryu and Ayane.
2 years ago#5
It appears that every 5 scarabs collected unlock a new weapon, ninpo, health upgrade, or costume.
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  3. Crystal Skull challenge questions

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