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3 years ago#1
I just got the game and just beat the first Spider Robot Boss, had to save and quit because i was running low on charge of my pad. Anyways, from what i played it seems the game is really hard. Could anyone give me tips or advice? What should i level up/ unlock first using my karma? What's a good weapon to use?

BTW, i'm playing on Normal.
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3 years ago#2
First off, you get more weapons by collecting Golden Scarabs in every level. With 30 you unlock the last weapon.

Dragon Sword is always a good choice for beginners due to being so balanced. Falcon's Talons I would ignore, has nothing the other weapons can't do better.

Lunar is recieved with your 10th scarab in Day 2, upgrade this! It can spam UT's like crazy thanks to even the normal charge being invincible. Its moves are amazing for crowd control!

Eclipse Scythe is recieved in Day 4, a very important weapon as it's your boss slayer, delimbs enemies with ease, has great crowd control and is the most reliable weapon for SoB chains (when you counter a red glowing attack and start chaining OHKO attacks to other enemies). SoB chains build karma like crazy so ES is a perfect weapon for getting a lot of karma real fast!

Dual Katana is recieved in Day 5, I would ignore it. It's a good weapon, but not needed since the other weapons can do the job better. You also get Kusari-gama with your 30th scarab in this level. Do keep in mind that I have very little experience with the Dual Katana at this point so if there's hidden tech for it I cannot say.

Upgrade the KG to level 2 ASAP! Kusari-gama's >X is an amazing tool to deal with Alchemists (Assassin's Creed like enemy encountered in Day 2). It won't always connect, but when it does it will reel the Alchemist in and cut his limb off. These guys dodge like crazy and their attacks are vicious so this weapon really makes your life a lot simpler.


Collecting 40 scarabs will give you the final Ninpo spell. This Ninpo can destroy the 2 bosses you have to fight at the same time in Day 7 in just one blow!
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3 years ago#3
Thanks fot the tips. So far i have the inferno and wind ninpo, which would you reccommend leveling up and using the most?
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3 years ago#4
Here's a tip that will save your life (not kidding)!

When you're in a battle, ALWAYS hold the block button! This will guard against shots, block any melee strikes that might come your way, and just flat out protect you; however there's a bit more too it than that! As you block make sure you keep moving the analog stick to dash/avoid enemy moves, and jump quite often as well! By blocking and dodging you're less likely to take hits, and you should be able to slowly start picking off enemies one by one. Block, dodge, jump, get in close, melee someone, block and dash out of there, and move onto the next target.

Also you should try to take out any rocket launchers as soon as possible (your bow in level 2 will auto lock onto them for the most part), and you'll want to upgrade your weapon to level 2 as soon as possible. The Izuna drop (and other versions of it) will be a very helpful move, and it'll help you survive much easier! This move is done by hitting Y,X,Y,Y,Y,X, and what it'll do is knock the enemy up into the air, Ryu will do an air combo, and then he'll grab ahold of them and slam their head into the ground. This will kill most enemies in one combo, and it'll safely get you off of the ground out of harms way.

Another tip is to ALWAYS SAVE YOUR MAGIC for when you really need it, and make sure you hit as many enemies as possible with it so you can heal. Some magic actually has a larger MP bar (which means it takes longer to charge), while others will actually have a shorter one which makes it easier to heal. These both have their strong and weak points, and its up to you to decide what you want to use. (Longer MP bars allow you to get more use out of other skills such as the healing skill, while short MP bars allow you to use magic attacks sooner which can also help you heal more often).
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3 years ago#5
radamantys posted...
Thanks fot the tips. So far i have the inferno and wind ninpo, which would you reccommend leveling up and using the most?

Wind Ninpo is considered the weakest of them all, still think we're missing a hidden use for it though.

Personally I don't upgrade any of those 2, I just upgrade Void (scarab hunting should get you this one in Day 3) for its raw power and quick Ki charge as with good spacing it can kill 3-8 enemies if fully upgraded and works quite well against bosses too.
And then the 4th Ninpo, doesn't need upgrading but on a new playthrough it costs a lot (1 million on Ultimate Ninja O.O).
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