How do i do this air combo with ayane?

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i did a air combo with ayane in which she slashed through the enemy as she was in the air, but i'm not sure how i did it, i assume maybe it was YXYYYholdX but i'm not sure how to hold X at the end of an air combo because it always does drop or izuna drop.

so how do i do that air combo with ayane where she slashes through an enemy at the end?
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I think your talking about this combo? try this out.
This one will end up in that attack that you are looking for

This you know but, to get that slash move out at the end you must wait a bit.
YXYYY(wait like a second or half a second) then X

I don't use ayane in trials much so, I don't remember her moves at the top of my head.
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thank you so much that was helpful^_^
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no problem :)