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Gamefaqs should list all 3d Ninja Gaiden games as beat'em ups (Archived)PedroMontana42/7/2013
i'm glad i sold this game a month ago (Archived)fedor-machine72/7/2013
What weapon is this? (Archived)Raeng92/7/2013
LOL @ it still being called Razor's Edge on Xbox 360/PS3. No Sigma. (Archived)
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This sold like **** on Wii U, right? (Archived)
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Confirmed for PS3/360 as retail and digital download in US and Europe. (Archived)
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Momiji vs Doku - help pls (Archived)iidxmania42/6/2013
MN Day 5 Story Mode - Help me with these damn claw ninjas/van gelfs!! (Archived)novachecks32/6/2013
Extra content AGAIN! (Archived)
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Anybody beat Classic mode yet? (Archived)AmazingDany32/6/2013
Will this come to PS3 or 360? (Archived)
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list of the latest patch changes (AI and Dodging fixes) (Archived)RebornLS92/6/2013
How much better is this compared to NG3 on 360/PS3? (Archived)HakuMan11138622/6/2013
Does this mean it's Official? NG3 RE For PS360 (Archived)mustain212182/6/2013
Razor's Edge CONFIRMED by Famitsu for PS3/360 WITH EXTRA STUFF (Archived)
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so like, is this the same game as ninja gaiden 3? (Archived)SteadyingMeat12/6/2013
Is there a place where you can contact Team Ninja? (Archived)syaoran-kun22/6/2013
Does this contain all the dlc from NG3 PS3/360 release? (Archived)chriee22/6/2013
Silver Lining to NG3:RE going multi-platform (Archived)Phil Major32/5/2013