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1st trial vid (Mentor: 02) (Archived)realthanatos411/20/2012
so why did the reviewers hate it? (Archived)evil99019311/19/2012
I think I'm... IN LOVE WITH NGS??? (Archived)YoYoLeFtToRiTe111/19/2012
Is there any replay value to this game after you beat it? (Archived)DeathStinger356311/19/2012
ok whats the verdict? sell ps3 copy and buy this or save my money? (Archived)LiQuiDsWorDs56611/19/2012
digitaltrends review of Razor's Edge (Archived)lowuw111/19/2012
test of valor question... (Archived)
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So whats the verdict guys does all the changes make this a game worth owning now (Archived)HappyBull711/19/2012
Momiji trailer (Archived)F31Leopard211/19/2012
wtf NG3 got really REALLY GOOD! (Archived)Pirate Wez611/19/2012
Any way to switch controller WITHOUT resetting? (Archived)asgiov05311/19/2012
Is the difficulty actually well done this time? (Archived)gamer6879403333611/19/2012
I got the game. These are my honest impressions. (Archived)
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can you replay the tests of valor? (Archived)kenpachi99111/19/2012
What skills are recommended to be unlocked first? (Archived)earvcunanan211/19/2012
Kunai Climb is down! Kunai Climb is down! (Archived)YoyokuKO811/18/2012
So far.... (Archived)DaKingO111/18/2012
Any freeky creatures (Archived)dreamtheater33211/18/2012
difficult settings (Archived)tersalius1011/18/2012
are the sound effects durable? (Archived)youngbro111/18/2012
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