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Be honest what version should I get Wii U or PS3/Xbox? (Archived)
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The demo and karma/skills transfer? (Archived)iron_defense83/19/2013
Different enemies on higher difficulties? (Archived)Santar_43/19/2013
Have you ever gotten a Co op request during trials? (Archived)STN7963/19/2013
Genshin Vs. Lunar tips (Archived)RebornLS13/19/2013
Do you have clear 25 and 50 trials with the same character? (Archived)STN7953/18/2013
Is Hayate in this? (Archived)DerekRoss33/18/2013
Kusari-Gama (Archived)Swordsaint10103/18/2013
Help me Beat Marbus (Archived)gobantobi53/16/2013
Is Master Ninja immediately available? (Archived)istuffedsunny23/16/2013
What are the rewards for completing the tests of valor? (Archived)iron_defense23/15/2013
Isn't weird how the Red Muffler suit makes Ryu look like Deadpool? (Archived)
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What are the easiest UN missions in this game? (Archived)rockman11_z33/15/2013
I still intend to get this game someday...but that day is far away (Archived)
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Local Multiplayer? (Archived)kan_12345643/12/2013
So...how is it? (Archived)ScreamingMidget93/11/2013
So that recent DLC (Archived)chequelots73/11/2013
Do you get anything for beating crystal skull challenges or getting all scarabs? (Archived)fstim23/11/2013
Ninja Trials Co-op ultimate ninja video ^_^ (Archived)xenosaga12313/9/2013
Normal to Ultimate Ninja playthroughs with all characters (Archived)syaoran-kun63/8/2013
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