Link Account.

#1mohomadPosted 3/22/2013 9:20:15 PM
Does this option do anything? I enter the code it gives me but it doesn't seem like my inventory updates to reflect the change. Is anyone else having problems with linking?
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#2Hotkarl262Posted 3/22/2013 9:23:23 PM
I was wondering the same thing.
#3bLiNdSnIpErZ20Posted 3/22/2013 10:13:55 PM
Don't link your account sledge (works for trion) on the official forums said not to.
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#4Super CreaturesPosted 3/22/2013 10:38:57 PM
He also said that it is ok to do as linking your account won't hurt anything.

Also, the My Ego Arkfall unlocks are not available in the Beta, they will only be available once the full game launches.
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#5SterlingFoxPosted 3/22/2013 10:41:09 PM
I don't think it does anything yet, but my guess is they'll somehow reward those who took part in the beta when the game releases.
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