Defiance servers are down. Great start Trion.

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3 years ago#111
ILikesCheese posted...

My chief problem - aside from that Ship it broke, Fix it with a Patch mentality for NON MMO games - is the too accepting attitude many players have when it comes to this issue. Some Betas actually test server load so the Day 1 launch of their games doesn't crash the system, and I don't see why makers of MMOs don't take more advantage of them and make their Betas OPEN.

Shipping a broken single player game is inexcusable. But I expect and generally don't sweat online-multiplayer-focused games on Day 1 for breaking down. It sucks but it happens. Maybe one day it won't be like that, but it is now. And let's be honest, its not a conspiracy. Nobody wins if a broken game ships, especially the people who stand to have the most invested into it. In the meantime, it is great when the developer is quick and upfront with launch (or even ongoing) issues and I felt that Trion was that way during the beta at least.

So here's to hopin I can play with y'all when I get off work. If not, meh, I got a million other things I could be (and probably SHOULD be) doing until its all fixed.
3 years ago#112
SSBoKantei posted...
Ooooo on page 9, Missed all that. I'll mind my business then. I thought it was a rant to his page 10 post. Sorry ^_^.

Anyone know if I wrong and right about the difference between a Psychologist and Psyche tho?

The former is a person licensed to diagnose and treat mental disorders; the latter is another word for the mind.
TWSSted Steel Disagree with me? Talk to the Tree:
3 years ago#113
Specifics? You were abusive, and going against the team's plan. Having to be revived more often than anyone else on the team(Granted we were an Salarian Engineer and a Geth Engineer, so it's not your fault you died more than us persay), constantly getting caught outside of the actively communicating teams plan, and finally, rage quitting, or maybe, just maybe getting DC'd, but what seemed to be rage quitting in the first few weeks of Plat mode.

Acting like you were better than us with inferior equipment and non-serious consumables for Platinum mode. Enough to make my roommate and I laugh about "that guy" after the match. Nothing serious except a slight conversation of, why do people have to go against the plan, then act like it was your fault when they won't play ball.

Was not I kid. I have never raged against anyone because I do not play with a mike. Mistake number one. I do not send angry messages unless attacked first. Mistake number 2. Never quit on a plat match ever. Mistake number 3. You are either seriously mistaken or nothing but a major league liar. I betting the latter.
3 years ago#114
ILikesCheese posted...
koutsu88 posted...
to ilikecheese get over yourself... your attacking people... all that tells me you have severe inferiority complex...this will be my last response...good day sir

Typical Forum Board response from someone with truly nothing to say to defend their inane comments.

Exhibit A: "Get over yourself"
Exhibit B: Rewriting History. (I attacked no one, defended my viewpoints, and put you in your deserved place.)
Exhibit C: The "Inferiority Complex" comment that always pops up when someone has lost an argument or debate.
Exhibit D: "This will be my last response as I am Ignoring you." The last gambit of those who feel covering their eyes and ears and burying their head in the sand is a form of intelligence and bravery.

Oh, and a fine "Good day SIR" too. Those always crack me up.


Cheese takes the lead. And anyone who thinks Pong was invented in 1940 is kinda whacko.
"Sig Wipes"....the easiest way to get 100's of messages modded at once! Woo-Hoo!
3 years ago#115
Whew! I thought you left Foreman! Thank you for an entertaining work day, while I wait to play/attempt to play.

You got me once with your trollin, but I've got my eye on you, you wily youngster!
3 years ago#116
Cheese takes the lead. And anyone who thinks Pong was invented in 1940 is kinda whacko.

That one was so absurd even I could not bring myself to touch something so ignorant.
3 years ago#117
I get the "sheep" comments, but don't you think you've gone a bit overboard with them? Can't come up with any other metaphors or similes? You do have a Bachelor of ARTS, remember?
"Sig Wipes"....the easiest way to get 100's of messages modded at once! Woo-Hoo!
3 years ago#118
Congrats all, you've made this topic hit the front page!
TWSSted Steel Disagree with me? Talk to the Tree:
3 years ago#119
You are welcome.
3 years ago#120
It could of been a DC like I said ^_^. My roommate and I live on an island and commonly host, which sometimes does not work with other players in certain regions.

I'll dig it up if it is coming down to two internet people calling each other liars on the internet. But we both look childish again, which is exactly what I was avoiding here. It is why I don't want to get back into it with you man ^_^. Funny how you are relying on things like a microphone and never sending rage messages, which I can't prove either way, to defend yourself.

I'm trying to build a positive community here, not one focused on negative behaviors.

I could be mistaken as you said, no need to lie about any of this, it is the internet, but I will look into it later to either give you an apology for it, or to continue to hammer away at a few personality faults you seem to have that are rubbing me the wrong way! Sorry I just don't like abusive people. In RL and the internet, I just can't seem to keep my mouth shut around them!

But honestly, I still think you are the guy who I ran into in that game, and saw running his mouth on the forums the next day : )

But even with our light hearted argument, see how I am taking it into consideration I could be wrong, and am listening to what you have to say? I don't know why I keep trying to use reason on the crap you keep spewing, it's a personality fault I have. I do seem to get in arguments with drunks at bars even though I am fully aware I won't get through to them.
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