Defiance servers are down. Great start Trion.

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3 years ago#141
Lol, again a funny thing to retort to, I said. It is possible you DC'd. I live on an island, sometimes, the internet just loses people. What about the rest of it, sticking as true no doubt?
3 years ago#142
Edavy89 posted...
Hmmm, to the incredibly intelligent moderator who modded my message using the word Bishes as censor bypassing.


World English Dictionary
bish (bɪʃ)

slang ( Brit ) a mistake

Next time you want to mod someone, do your research. hate to see you make yourself look even more stupid :-)

Oh snap!

Just when Foreman quit being entertaining (c'mon! You're not even saying "son" or "sonny" now. smh). The topic gets interesting again!
3 years ago#143
I'm in the fray, as I have admitted many times. And I'm embarrassed about it, as I have admitted many times.

Which means you jumping through my hoops. I am leading you around by the nose.

What do I have to feel inadequate about? Again, like the "blonde model in the insurance commercial" comment, I can't follow what you are saying.

Because you are not sharp enough. You just think you are. Please keep the insults coming I need a 500 topic.
3 years ago#144
Now your trying to redirect it as your a good troll. Good attempt but still a massive fail. You hop onto other good trolls subjects and like to ride a good post.

Your not a good troll, your an abusive old man. Stop trying to misdirect your problem and deal with it head on ^_^. You've contradicted yourself too many times to try and hide behind "im a good troll aren't I" defense.

And stop saying I'm acting like I am smarter than you, never said that. I am being stupid also : ) I can admit it, you can't!

The crutch keeps getting weaker and weaker, but keep leaning on it man, you clearly need it more than we thought.

It's the same thing when ever you get beat into submission man, I'm done after this post :D My game is installed and works!
3 years ago#145

"Sig Wipes"....the easiest way to get 100's of messages modded at once! Woo-Hoo!
3 years ago#146
Foreman22 posted...
I never have acknowledged Lone Wolf simply due to the fact that it is a terrible indicator of player skill based on how most people get it. It's one of the most easily obtainable banners in the game.

You are delusional. Is that why other posters laugh at you about your insta-kills?

Yes. They laugh at my instakills because the Lone Wolf banner is easy to get. You're not making any sense now.

You're digging yourself into a bigger hole, dude. Why flip everything on me when your manifest tells it all? You suck at ME3. You're going to suck at this game. You suck at trying to keep pace with an argument when all the facts are clearly against your favor. You're a terrible liar; Childish, cranky and quick to retort with falsities. "I don't play for achievements" and yet you sit here trying to argue that getting the easiest banner in the game is an achievement in its own right.

You're thrown to the curb and you're no longer a priority. I've destroyed every single counter you've had. You have no cards on the field or in your hand. Heart of the cards can't save you now! Take solace in your false "achievements". Maybe another 50 years will do you some good.
"Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion."
3 years ago#147
It's the same thing when ever you get beat into submission man, I'm done after this post

Come on don't give up just because you look bad. Keep up the insults, Show us how big a man you are trying to be a bully over the Internet. I love wimpy Internet bullies.
3 years ago#148
I was hoping this would be Defiance's first 500, but ya have to admit, this topic has lost a lot of steam.

Next time, may I suggest you stay in character for the whole topic. It certainly got me, at first. You really could have pulled it off, but this petty squabbling has taken away from your original outlandish posts. You've reduced down to a more subdued sense of nonsense.
3 years ago#149
You are delusional.

Confirm. I am in the top 1% of Mass Effect player and I suck. You are truly delusional son.
3 years ago#150
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