Can you do main story missions coop style?

#1Gatekeeper999Posted 4/2/2013 11:22:45 PM
Besides just running around the map and getting into fights with enemies and doing random sidequests (rescue hostages?) can my group do the main story missions together or will it just separate us when I activate them?
#2PlasmaticFuryPosted 4/3/2013 12:20:37 AM
Yes you can.
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#3darkhouse999Posted 4/3/2013 5:16:22 AM
There is at least one main story mission that is Solo, and at least one Episode Mission that is Solo. At least on the PC version.
#4Darth VengerPosted 4/3/2013 5:17:57 AM
Plus there are instances which are 4 player co-op dungeons. They open up as you progress in the game.
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