Defiance DLC Info ( Since People Never Look)

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Whatís our DLC plan? Ė Iíve seen a lot of you mention this and this is material for an entire blog post because there is so much I want to talk about. However, letís be short. There are at least 5 DLCs this year. They all have a free and paid component. We do not want to segregate our playerbase so we always want everybody be able to participate and play with friends. The free part is features and content, the paid part is essentially, say, access to a new playable species with a bundle of stuff with it. The upcoming TV tie-ins arenít DLCs that cost either. Itís all yours.
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If im gona spend $40 ill need more info than "stuff"
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There will also be a big patch when the show comes out on the 15th.

It seems like there will be weekly content updates episode wise.
Not sure what else will be added till the show airs.

This game is worth $60. Just like Guild wars 2 it has plenty of free content updates headed its way.
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we prioritize our development team in general categories just as we prioritize what individual issues we work on. If a person has anything in the highest category, that person works on that before anything else. This is how it looks right now.
1. Full Cluster Crashes
2. Game Server Crashes
3. Live Gameplay issues
4. Upcoming patches
5. DLCs
I also told you the other day that I was working on my omnipotence so what we also did to keep better focus on Live issues is that we moved the kick-off that was supposed to be tomorrow Monday for the next DLC, back a week.
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Huge client patch coming Ė Client patches are very risky to deploy so we employ a more rigorous testing process before we distribute them. We can very easily revert a server patch. Depending on testing and certification, we should see that around the 15th, hopefully sooner, possibly later. It currently has 8 pages of patch notes, listing fixes and improvements.

Weíre also doing DLC and guess what: much of the content in them will be free for everyone. We donít split you away from your friends and have you pay us to be alone in a dungeon. That would be weird.
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Wait, you're a real dev or something with Defiance...? If so, that's cool you're on here.
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GregoryChambers posted...
Wait, you're a real dev or something with Defiance...? If so, that's cool you're on here.

No he doesn't work with trion. He is simply a forum chef serving copypasta.
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