what shield are people finding works best?

#11squidney2k1Posted 4/9/2013 10:40:24 PM
6 Seconds is long enough.

I refuse to use the shields that have a 9.6 recharge. Way too damn long.
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#12GamingFoolDanPosted 4/9/2013 10:43:42 PM
The shields sometimes are kind of disappointing right now my Ironclad something something only has about 1600pts to it. Anyone got any crazy shields with over 2k or 2.5k??

Cuz that would be sweet. Anyways I hope Trion considers being able to MOD shields later on. I understand you can get shields that have Elemental resistance to it, but I think that if they eventually added shield mods too it would only make the game better you know?

Say small things like a mod that adds +5% recharge time. Or +3% HP to it. Or even things that are like hey your using this shield? Well if you use a pistol while its equipped you'll do more damage.

Maybe have like 3 slots to it. An offensive, a defensive and elemental effect.
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