So, why DID Trion want to make level 1 players have a chance against level 1000?

#101ZakurooPosted 4/15/2013 5:47:47 AM
From: Edavy89 | #004
Three words -- skill over gear.

Right, because aiming at a giant ass weak spot takes skill... lolno. does when Said weak spot comes with a giant fricken claw that slams down on you.

Dodge and Weave.
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Just look at Borderlands, where the loot levels, it made the game way too easy, by the end of the game you could kill everything including the bosses with a single shot. I think Trion were trying to avoid this. It made borderlands, and also meant as soon as you leveled up all your weapons were terrible until you found one's at your new level again. This system avoids all that.

In this game the level of the item means nothing, it's a rarity that makes a gun different.