So, everyone left my clan...

#1Bobber96Posted 12/18/2013 5:00:14 PM
I played this game a lot when it first came out, but with the release of other games, and need to download the newest patches, I lost the will to play everyday... I just threw it back in to try out the DLCs I bought when I bought the season pass, and am now suddenly back into it, bu I no longer have any clan-mates to play with. :(

My clan is the Arkangels if anybody is interested in joining. I dont plan on leaving simply because I like the name. haha but anybody can feel free to join if they would like. I dont plan on becoming a big-name clan for PvP, or other various features that this game presents... more just one for a few people who know each other to run around and screw off together.
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