what is the best thing to build on a vacant plot?

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4 years ago#1
At the beginning of it before you upgrade it to the 3 star thing. I'd guess it varies from certain areas, but I noticed the most useful ones so far have been the tax office or the circus. I have tried to abuse the air balloon, but I never seen to land on it whenever I make one, bad luck I guess.
4 years ago#2
I suspect they probably all have their uses, but yeah, expecting to land on a given square in this game is not reliable, because unlike Culdcept you can't easily manipulate your die rolls. Of course, I guess it's possible that some stages may have small loops or other things that would allow you to hit a given square with decent probability, so again it would vary.
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4 years ago#3
Doesn't checkpoints give you money if someone merely passes, rather than landing on it?
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4 years ago#4
From: Gamecube_Gamer | Posted: 12/9/2011 3:08:44 PM | #003
Doesn't checkpoints give you money if someone merely passes, rather than landing on it?

Yes, I've found that the checkpoint (i.e. a toll booth) is the most useful for this exact reason. Some of the other effects are decent, but not usually good enough to pass up a checkpoint, unless maybe the positioning is really bad for it or something. The tax office might be the best other one.
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4 years ago#5
Can someone tell me what the 3 star shop and circus does? Here's my opinion on the other buildings:

I, myself, have been using the balloon/ tax office combo. With 3 balloons and 1 tax office, you can fly over to the tax office for huge profits (5% of your net worth) whenever you land on a balloon. With a balloon, you can also fly over to take over people's shops, or buy vacant buildings, or fly over to the nearest suit. The estate agency just seems inferior to the balloon in almost every single way.

The home seems to be good in certain maps, like Starship Mario. If you own the entire pink district isolated out in the pipe area, you can trap all 3 people in there. Even if someone manages to escape, you can pull them back in if you land on the home again. Talk about trolololol.

The checkpoint is just bad. It takes a very long time for it to be profitable, and by the time it does get profitable, it can be easily bought out by another player for 1000 gold, since the value of the shop stays the same no matter what.
4 years ago#6
3 star shop = shop with price of 100(?) I usually have other shops already so I might be wrong.
Circus = 100 -> 500 -> 1000-> ??? (only 100 per upgrade I think)
4 years ago#7
It doesn't sound like either of them are worth using, but does the value of the shop increase when you upgrade it? For example, a tax office is always worth 200 gold, and can always be bought out for 1000 gold, but when you land on it, it takes 10% of your networth, which is probably a lot more than 1000 gold.
4 years ago#8
The only thing that increases the shop selling price when upgraded is Circus, heck that's the only thing that can be upgraded.
-Checkpoint increases toll price but not the building's price.

-3star shop works..like any other shop.

-Estate agency... never bought it.. seems like the most worthless thing there, just get a Balloon Port.

-Tax Office never increases the building's price, kinda risky since it can be easily bought out.

-Home... is weird, might be useful in certain instances but don't expect it to land you a lot of money.

Overall you should go for either circus or tax office early on then change them to 3 star shop when you have money to waste. But that's just my opinion.
4 years ago#9
I don't agree with your opinion.

The tax office is the most profitable later on. Sure, people can buy it out for just 1000, but are they really going to try to land on it when it takes off 1500 of their gold. Not to mention they might not have enough cash to buy it after having 10% of their net-worth go down the drain. Though I don't have the circus, so I can't comment on that. I'll try it instead of the tax office next time.

I think the balloon port should be bought first, as it allows for you to buy any vacant shops out there early on (including vacant plots, which you can use to build another balloon port). The tax office is great in enemy territory, while balloons are great in districts you own, because obviously, you're going to be going to districts you own a lot more often if given the choice, and the tax office gives a steady income without needing you to transverse enemy territory to land on it.
4 years ago#10
If you can land on your circus a lot you can have something that drains 1000 of your opponents early on, cheap upgrade/big rewards offset by the disadvantage of only being to upgrade it when you land on it unlike other shops.

The only reason I put 3 star shop over tax office is because it's still risky to have a property that can be easily bought for 1000, late game some people or cpus might just want to screw you over in hopes of being able to slow you down enough to catch up.
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