Just a random question :3

#1GlacelyPosted 2/27/2012 7:10:11 PM
well, i have recently played all the mario party games to commemorate the release of the mario party 9 and when i played mario party 7 i just get trapped in the 8 player mini games

since that i was wondering of how could that be added on a Wii/WiiU (sharing the control to play)
i think that to do something like that on wii, players 1 and 2 will share the wii mote sideways( p1, pad, a, b buttons) and the nunchuck (p2, stick, c, z buttons) this would be more confortable yay :P

well, that was my idea, but my question is, does anyone liked this system on mario party 7? someone else would like it to return? what did you thinked about this system :P?

i'm just curious xD
sorry if you consider this stupid or spam :)
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#2ColebyPosted 2/27/2012 7:12:01 PM
I really liked 8-player mode from MP7. It had some neat minigames. 'Specially dat bar-jump one.
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