The game's story mode

#1Rupin_SalesmanPosted 3/5/2012 8:54:53 PM
What's it like? I'm getting the game when it comes out in NA, and I was wondering. Is the story mode something new and different from the previous Mario Parties, or is it that stupid long and dragged out "beat every board in a set amount of turns" story mode that 3, 4, and DS had?
#2EHeroHaneKuriboPosted 3/5/2012 9:51:31 PM
All you do is play the game against COM. Each level has Kamek, Shyguy or both and if one of those two win, you lose, otherwise, as long as the winner isn't one of them, you continue to the next level.
Its quite tedious. The COM players are horrible in skill minigames but seem to perform luck minigames flawlessly. I quickly got through all the levels until I reached Bowser Station (where the players are you, Kamek and Shyguy) and had to reset about 6 times because EVERY time we reached the end I'd have a really strong lead, but a Bowser Battle would destroy me and the COM would win.

Really not that fun, but the game is always about multiplayer.
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Story Mode blows chunks for reasons already mentioned.

Mario Party was always meant for multiplayer, but single-player was at least mildly enjoyable. The Single Player is utterly putrid in this game.
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#4Paulo123Posted 3/6/2012 4:26:53 AM
In story mode, like it was said before, you have to beat Kamek and/or Shy Guy on all 6 boards to win but story mode isn't always exactly the same. For example, the first time I played it, on Toad Road it was me, Wario, Daisy and Kamek against each other but when I tried story mode a second time, on Toad Road it was just me against Shy Guy, so it must be kind of random if you play with 2, 3 or 4 characters, but you will always have to beat at least one COM character.

Bowser Station was the worst because of luck minigames. Bowser Jr. boss battle is just luck and the final battle has a lot of luck involved as well, so you could reach the end leading, but lose the last mini-game and the bonus mini-stars and in that case you had to play the board again, from the beginning.
#5SouljaWeezyPosted 3/6/2012 8:18:34 PM
Single Player is a joke.
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