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According to my Email, there are 14 Amiibo figures.TrioOfThree-3107/25 8:49AM
ViewtifulGina's Falcon Booty Breakdown: A History of Falcon GlutesViewtifulGina27/25 8:45AM
Figured SSF2 0.9b would be up by now...Shorydouken107/25 8:36AM
The menu's bottom screen should be the buttons while the top are the picturesNejiKirby57/25 8:33AM
Share rumors you've heard or believedMegamanRockX237/25 8:31AM
What time is the "surprise" going to be aired?Hejiru47/25 8:30AM
The Pokemon Lineup
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_LouieG_137/25 8:29AM
What's worse? Owain supporters or Tharja supporters?
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L1ttleMac357/25 8:27AM
This game now needs at least 6 PikachusSalsaSavant37/25 8:27AM
Why does everyone want Sceptile?
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lanmanna297/25 8:24AM
Fat Pikachu confirmed as alt skin!aliashubbatch17/25 8:24AM
We've got people whining over the main menu screen and not the slow gameplay?bobopatch234107/25 8:24AM
About Laytonapachai67/25 8:24AM
Choose a randomized newcomer #14 (Poll)Johnbobb87/25 8:21AM
Question poll. Will Mewtwo be in? (Poll)
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Sign if you're getting the Japanese version first!!!bobopatch23487/25 8:19AM
What time is 11:30 PST in EST? *Awaiting the tournament*
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K.Rool and Black Shadow are much more popular villains than Ridley in Japan.WonkyKong77/25 8:14AM
This game is lacking in sexy witches.
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Netami_Ami607/25 8:12AM
Want to know more about Ike? Learn about Chrom instead!Blitzus77/25 8:09AM