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Do you think there will be a number counter in tomorrow's direct?nicknick9691110/22 6:15PM
Let's talk about Lukina!Skeif13510/22 6:14PM
We need to get rid of all the anime charactersDrHarlock910/22 6:06PM
Airship Stagedantheman12198410/22 6:04PM
Weird Thing I Noticed...dantheman12198310/22 6:01PM
Give a nickname to all your mains like they're Pokemon.
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UltimateNopon1310/22 5:53PM
Mario Kart is grabbing me away from Smash again....Dumdumwantgum410/22 5:52PM
Give a Veteran a New Movesetasiacatdogblue610/22 5:51PM
Main ManInfamousJake710/22 5:45PM
Is Dr. Mario the bad guy of Mario and Luigi: Dream Team?Lightflame710/22 5:43PM
We will probably see Duck Hunts stage in his trailer, if he has one.
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EasterEggHunter1110/22 5:39PM
Welp, I did it. I pre-ordered this game today. Now I need ideas on how to freezeThe Sock710/22 5:38PM
Neena Tiki dedohkeh.EasterEggHunter510/22 5:36PM
ITT: List ideas for a Sakurai-Directed Duck Hunt Reboot...
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unknownuber1210/22 5:36PM
YR: Shulk is cut for Hades
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ChefTorte1310/22 5:33PM
PSA: Villager took Ice Climber's character slot.mariobros01510/22 5:33PM
I propose we name the Duck Hunt Dog, Doug.flipmode_1910/22 5:33PM
Do you think when the smash letter came to mushroom kingdomLavieThunda310/22 5:28PM
I lmao'd at the Shulk reveal trailer when ur terrible anime character got hit
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the_DeZA_wUlf3210/22 5:28PM
I hope we see something amazing for the Direct tommorrow...Artsy09410/22 5:27PM