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Super Smash Bros for 3DS - First week sales over 1 million (including eShop)
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xXDa-KidXx319/16 8:19AM
How many coins do you have in THemckee2369/16 8:16AM
Glitch in the demo?LayingSnow39/16 8:04AM
do you think sakurai was aware of the leak?cheesesox69/16 8:02AM
ITT: maps you want in SSB4uuurrrggh49/16 8:01AM
So if this is the final roster, do you think it's time Sakurai gave up position? (Poll)
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Sakul123389/16 8:00AM
If Dixie ever gets in, do you believe she will be a Diddy clone? (Poll)Duncanwii109/16 7:57AM
A Xenoblade newcomer is pretty much guaranteed for Smash 5.
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Frostheat_22119/16 7:57AM
How does the Wild Gunman projectile work?Rupin_Salesman39/16 7:54AM
Bundle? (Poll)sdand179/16 7:52AM
Fancy Gentleman gunman playable for next Smash.FZeroMaster59/16 7:49AM
Stop whining about the roster. Characters aren't what make the game great.
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User728209/16 7:45AM
Who will be getting both versions of SSB4?
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PlasmaCannon199/16 7:42AM
How is link?
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Big_Nabendu169/16 7:40AM
Why is no one rooting for Chorus men DLC
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pkmnpkmn169/16 7:39AM
Looking back at the Alph announcement, why did Sakurai mention the Rock Pikmin?
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graymam219/16 7:39AM
No Ridley. No buy.
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Bongbuddy129/16 7:36AM
So Marth doesn't seem so bad, right?Yggdrasil6639/16 7:30AM
Haven't heard much about Wii Fit Trainer/Pac Man/Rosalina/Palutena/Greninja
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MateoRinghead119/16 7:27AM
Any word on official release date in NA?xIIpicardIIx29/16 7:22AM