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Kirby getting a tiny Monado and an English accentBobGuy128108/29 9:05AM
With Shulk's moveset, why did they use Monado Shield instead of...Nes_Mettaur48/29 9:04AM
Did anyone else think it was Xord at the end of the trailer?
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graymam128/29 9:03AM
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KoKo0009268/29 9:02AM
When's that closed media Smash event?InsertJokeHere38/29 9:01AM
Shulk vs Daddy PigHi_ImRidley48/29 9:00AM
Would you rather have Daisy or Josh Thomas from the BitBlock playable?
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Hi_ImRidley148/29 9:00AM
I have figured out what happened with Gematsu's discrepancies.Kyoskue68/29 9:00AM
People care about who isnt in the game more than the 48+ that are playable
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PhaseBlack218/29 9:00AM
Final Destination versions of past stages confirmed?SirRobX68/29 8:59AM
I know this has been bought up, but I will still be annoyed if the leak is real (Closed)
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Metaknighter328/29 8:57AM
Guess the Intensity Levels!
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CapnMuffin118/29 8:56AM
And people are STILL saying the leak is fake
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Holy_Oblivion128/29 8:56AM
I had no idea who Shulk was until I started following this game closely.Dux_X58/29 8:55AM
Which male character would you switch bodies with for a day? (Poll)
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Puppyfaic308/29 8:54AM
Since we got shirtless Shulk and KI: Uprising bias....
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marvelknight54138/29 8:53AM
Anyone feel like bowser jr has a legit chance to be in?NoJobBob78/29 8:53AM
Shulk is the most well-rounded sword-user in the game...CODwiiiVIP12318/29 8:53AM
Favorite Newcomer Trailer (Poll)
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Chaos-15148/29 8:52AM
Shulks in the game!! Hate to say it but..Padraigo5248/29 8:51AM