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If the five link characters were true and got a shared trailer, how would it go?Lizuka8002710/20 12:49AM
Think of any Smash character
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ChibiRidley2810/20 12:47AM
POTD shows possibly 2 new stages?
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kinglink131810/20 12:34AM
The fans absolutely positively RUINED my game....Jinjo_King510/20 12:31AM
Which Smash Bros character would you like to get drunk with most?
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ProtonCharge2010/20 12:29AM
Smash 4's announcer is doing a Q&A
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powerclaw11810/20 12:19AM
Coin matches confirmed for Wii UgamerED14810/20 12:11AM
I absolutely do not understand the hate for Toon Link
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Da_Geek4610/20 12:08AM
The fans absolutely RUINED my game...nintendoboy2012410/20 12:06AM
Two more characters "revealed"bnui_ransder410/19 11:58PM
I need to pick up this game quickly, and GameStop is 5280 feet away.MileRun1010/19 11:48PM
How can I pick up this game if I can't get to Gamestop?
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NoBikeIke1810/19 11:45PM
You can have one Pokemon for a day.. (Poll)ProtonCharge410/19 11:43PM
I gotta say
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NoBikeIke1310/19 11:40PM
Attn pls: this leak was fakewah_wah_wah310/19 11:36PM
I gotta say...UltimateNopon410/19 11:30PM
Would you cut Toon Link for Groose? (Poll)
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Nehpets7004310/19 11:01PM
How did Super Smash Bros get it's name?sosleepy17710/19 10:58PM
*Sees Zael in today's screenshot* Are you *censored* kidding me?!?
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RollerBob5010/19 10:52PM
In a canon battle, Iron Mike Tyson could take every character on the roster.
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I_Wanna_Cookie3410/19 10:52PM