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Think of two humanoid smash characters (Archived)
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Lucifier661712/24 10:19AM
Does it bother you... (Archived)BenJ09312/24 10:12AM
Events that pissed you off that aren't widely acknowledged? (Archived)LordNobunaga912/24 10:07AM
Before the days of Dark Pit, Palutena was a liked and respected character. (Archived)
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RotomGuy31212/24 10:04AM
Of course!...But maybe... (Archived)pafbonk112/24 10:02AM
ITT: items that should be allowed in For Glory (Archived)LemonKweenstaaa812/24 10:02AM
Heard that the gc adapter is back (Archived)CosmicTornado512/24 10:01AM
For the people who STILL didn't Wii Fit Trainer to appear, GET THIS! (Archived)
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RainbowSword641612/24 9:57AM
Mario confirmed! (Archived)
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PeeInMyPudding2312/24 9:54AM
Anyone else notice a slight button delay online? (Archived)Gandolftheman812/24 9:38AM
A bit of Skylanders history (educational Amiibo topic/giant word wall)... (Archived)
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KFrosty31112/24 9:37AM
Captain Falcon glitch killed me (Archived)BenJ091012/24 9:32AM
Check out my heavy hitters combo montage. (Archived)Knetamight212/24 9:28AM
Game keeps crashing/freezing during loading screens when playing Classic mode... (Archived)
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SilentKnight9611712/24 9:25AM
Might be getting this game tomorrow... how is it? (Archived)pokemongames812/24 9:14AM
C/D: This game has the BEST and the WORST elements in the entire series (Poll)peppermintsnow312/24 9:11AM
Ness is considered to be top tier? (Archived)
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AuraWielder5312/24 9:11AM
Who is more deserving of a character slot? (Poll)
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Brawl5781212/24 9:02AM
Pit Amiibo?? (Archived)mikeman0912412/24 9:01AM
Who do you think the worst fighter is? (Archived)
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Poweranimals3412/24 8:58AM