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Smash Bros Handmade Figure Of The Day 22- WarioDpadLad111/27 1:09AM
God it sucks not being good at this game.Darkinsanity1911/27 1:06AM
Sign here if you got the adapter WITHOUT the bundle
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User7283011/27 1:04AM
Is your main a newcomer? (Poll)
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ShadowPunch621111/27 1:02AM
YR: People find a 'glitch' that lets you play as the Ice Climbers.barrabaCHHS311/27 1:02AM
To whom it may concern: Peach still has a butt model under her void.
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L_M_41211/27 1:00AM
Has anyone got the PAL/European version yet?Scontig611/27 12:55AM
So how come all online games are defaulted to 2 mins?Galactus21111/27 12:49AM
Which Amiibos Do YOU Own?
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Zincdust6611/27 12:45AM
The Wii U deserved to have the Ice Climbers.Storrac1011/27 12:43AM
Which of these alternate costumes would be awesome, but will never happen? 3.0 (Poll)AnchorTea511/27 12:40AM
Rate the Stage: Day 28: Skyloft (Poll)Zero_Destroyer911/27 12:40AM
Anyone unlock the Servbot trophy?Arceus5000111/27 12:40AM
If tournament players think they're so good, why do they need flat stages?
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TJ_UNLIMITED3311/27 12:39AM
Do I have to own the game for 3DS if I want to connect it to the Wii U?YourLuck211/27 12:39AM
Has anyone seen a trophy ofgeno4smash4411/27 12:36AM
How is Meta Knight
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IcyFlamez962011/27 12:35AM
Anyone looking for a full trophy list?Boo Destroyer211/27 12:33AM
Donkey Kong Country Music is Seriously Lacking
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CosmoKramer47003711/27 12:33AM
What happened to all the Kirby fans from Brawl?LRodC211/27 12:30AM