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You're top 3 wanted newcomers

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3 years ago#1
Mine are:

3) King K.Rool
White 2 FC is: 1808 1081 0485
Black FC: 2451 5933 0679
3 years ago#2
Bayo <3
Now playing: UMvC3, Dragon Dogma DA
3 years ago#3

but I could live without the two latter
3 years ago#4
King K. Rool
Samurai Goroh
Captain Syrup
Megaman for Smash Bros. 4!
And I was right!!
3 years ago#5
3)James Bond
Cheers, luck and other indoor sports
3 years ago#6
Little Mac is my only one. I would have said Nook before, but with Villager, WFT, and Mac, I'm pretty much good with whoever shows up.
3 years ago#7
Paper Mario
Brawl FC: 3952-6720-1821 Name: KD
3 years ago#8
Little Mac
K Rool
I'm handsome.
3 years ago#9
Users that don't know what the word troll means.
delarosa1101(Purgatory), palazzio65, morganvonveb(Banned), Storm-Cloud(Suspended). That is what happens.
3 years ago#10
Lloyd, Viridi, then Shulk.
Viridi, Lloyd Irving, Isaac from Golden Sun, Travis Touchdown, Ghirahim, and Shulk for SSB4. Just one and I will be happy.
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