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Your Reaction: Banjo & Kazooie are in the Game

#11Austin_4ePosted 6/19/2013 2:19:49 AM
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#12liquidleonx3Posted 6/19/2013 2:27:55 AM
Cool. Now I can beat them up wit Mega Man.
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#13MogKnightAzurePosted 6/19/2013 2:46:23 AM
Oh geeze! Oh, darnit! ... they got FAT
#14Lord_FroodPosted 6/19/2013 3:51:47 AM
Seeing as how I never played N&B, maybe it wouldn't be so bad.
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#15Mr_Snorlax1986Posted 6/19/2013 3:58:46 AM
I'm not sure what to think....
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