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Tehponycorn's Roster 4.0!(or 5.0, I don't know)

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Gandalf the Istari 3 years ago#21
Here are my predictions/hopes based on a 44 character roster: +2 transformations for a total of 46.

(6) 4 Mario reps: mario, bowser, luigi, peach
1 Yoshi rep: yoshi
1 wario rep: wario
4 zelda reps: link, ganondorf, zelda/shiek, new rep of some sort
4 pokemon reps: pikachu, newtwo, jigglypuff, lucario or new
2 earthbound reps: lucas and ness
3 fire emblem reps: marth, ike, 1 new rep (1 of chrom, avatar or lucina)
3 kirby reps: kirby, dedede, metaknight
2 kid icarus reps: pit, palutena
3 donkey kong reps: donkey kong, diddy kong, 1 new rep
3 star fox reps: wolf, falco, fox
1 f-zero rep: captain falcon
3 3rd party characters: sonic, megaman, namco rep (pacman?)
2 metroid reps: samus/zero, ridley
1 animal crossing rep: villager
1 ice climbers rep: ice climber
1 mr g&w rep: mr game and watch
1 nintendo rep: rob
1 wii rep: wii fit trainer
1 punch out rep: little mac
1 pikmin rep: olimar
1 golden sun rep: isaac

This gives 11 newcomers including: Isaac, Newtwo, FE:A rep, Palutena, DK rep, Namco rep, megaman, ridley, villager, little mac, and wii fit trainer.

And cuts: pokemon trainer (3 transformations takes up a lot of space and pokemon doesn't deserve to have 6+ reps), snake (when you look at other 3rd parties one of these things is not like the others, he feels more like a special one time addition), and toon link.
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